TOP 10 Portable Treadmills

Nowadays, treadmill is the ongoing exercise trend in gyms and home workouts. Where you run is up to you, but people are becoming fans in using a treadmill for their cardio. People might say that running outside is better and more interesting, but a treadmill is the best option regardless the weather condition. Buy a good pair of running shoes and get a lot of running done in your home. Also do some research and find your perfect small treadmill. Depending on how frequently you run, you’ll probably want to replace it every year or so. So coming to the answer if you are into sports or you are planning to get into sports, then running on a compact treadmill is better than running on a ground. Also, if you do it carefully, it will prevent you from getting injured. So if you are into treadmills, you better invest in a quality one that are designed to absorb shock. Before starting running learn about proper running mechanics and methods to minimize the injury risk.  Check whether you have flat feet. Don’t over pronate or over supinate your feet. Also, everybody is designed to adopt changes; therefore, if you slowly engage on a treadmill, you will slowly adopt to it. Moreover, there are many types of treadmill in the worldwide markets, but we recommend choosing portable treadmill or folding treadmill because you would receive great benefits of getting cardio workouts while saving a lot of space.

Here we have classified the best treadmills on the market into suitable categories based on your budget and goals. Whether you are looking for something under $500 or a machine dedicated to walking, we are here for you. The price of buying a treadmill is surprisingly low-let you know where to look. If your budget is tight, the price of less than US$300 is your first stop. These machines not only provide you with basic knowledge, but also provide you with tools for smooth exercise at home. Although there are exceptions, the top speed in the budget category tends to be around 6 mph, which is rare and almost certainly manual. The belts also tend to be very compact-a lot of space saving, but not suitable for longer strides! Regardless of the restrictions, these machines are worth considering if you want to start walking or running comfortably at home. Spending up to $500 on a treadmill may not seem like an investment, but it is a big improvement in performance. The motor tends to reach the 2.0 HP zone and the top speed averages 8 to 10 mph, which is enough for good running exercise at home. The biggest limitation in this range is that the belt size is still quite compact. These treadmills may not have the attractive aspects of their expensive cousins, but you can still expect good cushioning, a backlit display, a heart rate monitor, and sometimes built-in speakers. This category proves that you don’t need to spend more than one thousand dollars to get a treadmill with advanced features. In this range, performance and convenience have been improved, the engine power is 2.5 to 3.0 HP, the top speed is 10 to 12 mph. The biggest improvement is that motor tilt is becoming more and more common. Generally, belts are still somewhat compact, but some belts are available in the industry standard 20″ x 60″ size. You may also find an advanced console with better screens and controls, although you may not find any touch screen or Internet features.

Features of a small treadmill:

  • Types: Treadmill can be of 2 types motorized and manual. I always suggest people to run on manual Treadmill because it is functionally closed to running on ground which is more natural (we are designed to run outside).
  • Cost: In motorized treadmill, you are mad to run by the treadmill it is not exactly the same. The first time you run is going to suck. But it will get easier. Commit to working up to a 5k, for instance, and don’t give up early. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you reach that first big milestone, and you’ll want to keep going. Start with a mix of walking and running so you don’t overextend yourself. Running injuries aren’t much fun.
  • Tracking: Don’t try to cover too much distance at first—long distances require months of training. Use an app like Nike+ Running. Nike+ Running is a free app that tracks your runs (regardless of whether you run inside or outside) and offers various training programs to help you reach your goals. The beauty of these programs is that they tell you exactly what to do each day, and as long as you follow what it says, you’re golden.
  • Time: Gym enthusiasts recommend their Beginner 5k program if you’re just getting started. It will start you with a mix of walks and runs, slowly acclimating your body until you can do a whole 3.11-mile race. Get started! Don’t put it off… Go enjoy your first run! The best for a beginner is too be progressive when it comes to cardiovascular training. Many treadmill users encourage a simple approach towards interval training slowly increase your speed at specific intervals of 30 seconds to a minute reduce speed after each interval and increase the speed then run the highest speed for a longer interval. Then warm down.
  • Size: The main dilemma is using treadmill is worth it or not? Yes, it is worth it, if you use it regularly and correctly, and not for hanging your dirty clothes and towels as I have seen some people do. However, if you live conveniently close to safe and pleasant locations for running (i.e., parks, trails, beaches, lakes, etc.), then you really don’t need a treadmill, unless you live in an area where the winters are harsh. It’s worth it if that is how you prefer to do your workouts. There is nothing wrong with running on a treadmill, but I prefer to run outside. I don’t care what the weather is, when it’s time for me to go for a run, I go outside. For me, when I used to train hard, I also had the benefit of having to be totally in touch with my body.
  • Speed: There was nothing mechanical forcing me to run at a specific speed, and I also had to adjust to varying terrain. If you are not already a treadmill runner, I think it would be a good idea to try it at a gym to see how a normal run feels on it. If you like it, then it probably is worth it. If not, it will wind up being a convenient place to hang clothes. Enjoy your running, whichever you decide.

The TOP 10 of compact treadmills:

1. Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT

So many treadmills can stake a claim as the best on the market, although when you consider the performance, features and overall price of the 7.8 AT from Horizon Fitness, it’s easy to see why we deem it a top pick. This premium compact treadmill is loaded with a powerful 4.0 CHP motor and 500lb thrust incline motor, for a smooth, quiet and responsive performance, reaching top speeds of 12mph and an incline up to 15%. The large 22” x 60” belt gives runners ample room, while the 3-Zone Variable Response cushioning keeps you comfortable. Up to you will find everything you need for entertainment and workout assistance. There’s a 9.3” TFT display screen surrounded by Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port, while you can test yourself with multiple workout programs.

Powerful 4.0 CHP motor keeps ride smooth, quiet and responsiveDoes not feature any decline gradients
Top speeds of up to 12mph with 15% incline
Features an extra-large belt with smart three-zone cushioning
Loads of features from large screen to Bluetooth speakers

2. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio’s Elite Runner is a fine example of the quality and performance a premium home treadmill can offer. Of course, you have to invest a pretty penny for such performance, although it is worthwhile if you value running at home. Performance is the name of the game here, with an excellent 4.0 HP motor offering a top speed of 12mph – perfect for the fastest runners. Comfort is also a priority, with a huge oversized 22” x 62” Orthopedic running belt with an Ortho Flex Shock suspension system. At the top end you will find a functional (if a little basic) control panel, with LED screens, a multi-speed fan, built-in speakers, and multiple preset programs to challenge you, whatever your level.

High-performance home machine that feels commercial-gradeHigh quality demands a high-end price tag
Top speed of 12mph and 15% incline makes for a versatile treadmillCentral console is a little basic
Oversized Orthopedic running belt is comfortable and roomy
Features built-in speakers, cooling fan and a heart rate belt

3. Assault Fitness AirRunner

Next on this list is a premium manual treadmill that is built for serious runners. It may lack some of the high-end features found on others, but for sheer performance, the AirRunner from Assault Fitness knocks it out of the park! While an expensive model, this commercial gym-grade treadmill allows you to go as hard and fast as you like, with no max speed and a natural acceleration. It features a premium steel frame and a curved belt with a generous 62.2” length and durability up to 150,000 miles. As we emphasized in our extensive review of AirRunner, a simple and effective console provides many preset programs, and heart rate monitoring can be coordinated via Bluetooth, which is very suitable for serious athletes and high-intensity coaches.

Perfectly replicates outdoor runningThe price might be too high for many casual users
No max speed – it matches your natural accelerationThe belt is a little narrower than you may expect
Surprisingly lightweight and maneuverable
Good control console for a manual treadmill, with a range of preset programs
Long belt (62.2”) with up to 150,000 miles durability

4. NordicTrack 1750

The 1750 is one of our popular choices in the high-end treadmill category. Its well-known quality and many other features make NordicTrack worthy of a higher price, such as the complete 1750 evaluation summary. In terms of basic functions, the 1750 is equipped with a 3.75 CHP self-cooling commercial self-ignition Durx commercial engine, which can provide power for a maximum speed of 12mph, and the slope varies from -3% to 15%. The wide 22-inch x 60-inch belt and advanced Runners flexible cushioning function provide a comfortable riding experience. In addition, there is a simple console that provides storage space, a 10-inch Smart HD touch screen, built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. It also offers a free one-year subscription to the iFit system, which is worth a try.

Excellent 3.75 CHP commercial engineIf you have not subscribed to iFit, you may be a little frustrated using this unit
Multiple slope and drop optionsThe screen is 10 inches smaller than most competitors
Seamlessly stack with EasyLift assistant
Excellent speaker system
One year free subscription to iFit service

5. Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Whether you live in a small apartment or simply want to boost your caloric expenditure during your working day, this under-desk treadmill from Goplus will appeal. This is because – at just 6.5” tall – it is streamlined enough to slide under a bed or sofa when not in use. When in use, a 400-watt motor powers the 17” x 41” belt to speeds of up to 4mph. This low speed and compact surface makes it only likely to appeal to walkers, although it does this job pretty well for the price. The front of the machine is equipped with minimalist LED screens providing workout feedback (time, distance and so on). Speed and power are tended to via an included remote control.

Low-profile design is perfect for storage in small spacesControl panel beeps can be annoying
Clear LED display offers basic workout feedbackFeatures a slight fixed incline that may not suit everyone
Comes with a remote control to alter speed and power
Transportation wheels make maneuvering easy

6. Bowflex Results Series BXT116

Bowflex is another well-known name in the fitness industry. Although it is mainly used in multiple gyms receiving strength training, machines such as BXT116 now show that they are also major players in the treadmill market! This stylish treadmill is equipped with a 3.75 CHP motor, which provides smooth and quiet operation even if you reach a maximum speed of 12mph. Thanks to the wide 20″ x 60″ belt and advanced padded deck, the ride itself is very comfortable. Although not as advanced as some consoles on high-end machines, there are many features-a 7.5-inch backlit color display with a set of smart controls, speaker system, USB charging port and three-speed fan stands out. The complete BXT116 review contains everything you need to know!

Very quiet powerful 3.75 CHP engineOne of the most expensive in the range
Stylish, robust design increases comfortNo wheels to move the treadmill when folded
The top speed is 12 mph, and the tilt can reach 15%
Excellent console with excellent controls, color display and media friendly features

7. ProForm SMART Pro 2000

ProForm is a big name in the aerobic equipment market-it’s no surprise that a treadmill like SMART Pro 2000. This fold up treadmill looks and has many functions on the track, but it does not sacrifice basic performance. It powers a 20″ x 60″ belt, which is equipped with a 3.5 CHP motor, has a top speed of 12 mph, a slope of up to 15%, and a descent speed of -3%. This is a powerful and powerful machine, but there is room. Save on the foldable design, especially the EasyLift Assist, which makes it easy to lift after a hard workout. The highlight of the main console is the 7-inch Smart HD touch screen that works perfectly with the iFit system (including one-year free subscription); the large fan and Bluetooth speakers increase comfort and entertainment.

Powerful 3.5 CHP engine and reliable core performanceFrustrating to use the treadmill without an iFit subscription
Useful and easy to fold design
Excellent console with 7-inch Smart HD touch screen
A wide range of gradient options, from -3% (dip) to 15% (slope)

8. Sports TF2000

Whether you are old, spin without injury, or just want to walk in beautiful indoors, Exerpeutic TF2000 is an advanced walking machine that provides excellent support. You will find 16″ x 50″ benches for walkers of all sizes, and adjustable foam upholstered armrests that can run all the time. 10 shock-absorbing deck pads have been added, which means keeping the pressure on the joints to a minimum. As we mentioned in the TF2000 complete review, the 1.5 CHP motor provides a maximum speed of 5 mph, which is ideal for walking and jogging, while the 0.1 mph increment allows you to find the ideal speed without sudden bumps.

Full-length side rails provide stability16" narrowband
Powerful, quiet engineThe treadmill does not fold
Good rear arch cushioning
LCD screen on the console

9. Horizon Fitness T101

Horizon Fitness T101 is one of our favorite treadmills, and its performance and functions are similar to much more expensive treadmills. This stylish treadmill has a sturdy structure and a suitable 2.5 CHP motor, with a maximum speed of 10 mph and an electric slope of up to 10%. No matter what speed you run, the three-zone variable response cushioning can bring a comfortable experience, and the size of the strap fits this price range. As we focus on the comprehensive evaluation of T101, it is equipped with multiple functions that will make your trip enjoyable. This includes Bluetooth speakers, media racks, USB charging ports and built-in cooling fans.

Easy to fold after trainingSlightly shorter belt length
Three cushioning areas provide the highest level of comfort and performanceLCD screen is very simple
Multiple media options, including Bluetooth speakers
Durable frame and powerful motor, lifetime warranty

10. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i

Weslo Cadence G 5.9i is one of our favorite treadmills among entry-level products, showing surprisingly powerful motors and good features that many economical machines don’t.

It has its limitations, but the overall performance is good. There is a powerful 2.25 HP motor with a top speed of 10 mph. At 16 inches’ x 50 inches, the belt is somewhat compact, but not smaller than other belts within the budget. There is no electric tilt option, but the two-position manual selector gives you some options, and it is also compatible with the iFit system, which may be better if you like this service. For more information, Cadence G 5.9i.  Powerful, durable, and with the best warranty available, the Sole F80 takes the title this year as our best overall treadmill. If you’re not interested in the iFit-style streaming training model, and just want a rock solid treadmill that will continue to perform year after year, the Sole F80 is the best choice. You can still track your stats via the Sole Fitness app, and stream audio to the treadmill’s built-in speakers, but you don’t need a monthly subscription to enjoy an assortment of built-in workout programs. It’s also cheaper than most treadmills on our list!

A good engine within the budget price rangeThe band size is a bit compact
The top speed of 10mph is also commendableOnly two manual grade options
Some additional features make running more funIf you choose not to use the service, IFit compatibility can be frustrating





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